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The world of Sanctum is a campaign set in a time of change, the world slowly decays from one paradigm to another. The time of magic has been slowly decaying over the last thousand years, spells have lost their potency, the Immortals become more and more distant, and magical creatures across the globe are going extinct.

The major themes of Sanctum are the the Decline of Civilization, Suppression of Dissent, and the Decadence of the Elite.

The major moods of Sanctum are Denialism, Pessimism, Nihilism, Rage, Despair, Zealotry, Bigotry, and Nationalism.

Adventurers on Sanctum are likely to be refugees, nomads, former soldiers, ex-nobles of collapsed nations, mercenaries, crusaders, religious zealots, raiders, cultists, survivalists, ronin, knight-errant, etc.

There is hope on Sanctum, there are no maniacal wizards attempting to enslave the world, no ancient wyrms using their immense power to rule as lords over vast demesnes. The average person still has a roof over their head, food in their pantry and work in the morning. However, as nations begin to collapse, the frontiers creeps further into lands once dominated by law and order. The frontiers fill with outlaws, bandits, murders and thieves, many acting as petty tyrants over people too terrified or too far from civilization.

Main Page

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